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RMS is proud of what our clients have to say about us and we thank them all for their kind words. Have a testimonial to share? Email us and we’ll post it here.

“The project went very, very well. [RMS] was outstanding at developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with all parties, while clearly identifying and firmly advocating for our needs. We came in on schedule, within budget and we got what we wanted in terms of space, finishes and so forth. And RMS was scrupulous and fair about their billings.”
- Chief Financial Officer, Turnaround for Children

“So, congratulations on suffering through this protracted ordeal. You and your firm performed exceptionally and beyond the call of duty many times. Your partnership was instrumental in managing this project. I will accordingly close this contract but look forward to working with you in the future.”
- Senior Project Manager, Mount Sinai Medical Center

“I wanted to let you know that Rose Day has been nothing short of phenomenal in her role as relocation consultant.  She has been a wonderful partner.  She is bright and understands the workings of Mount Sinai and is able to get things moving, no matter how difficult.  We run a tight ship and are extremely busy.  Rose has quickly grasped our need to be up and running and understands the critical points well and reacts to make corrections and changes as needed.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with Rose at any future point in time. ”
- Vice President, Faculty Practice Associates

“RMS is very detail oriented and has extensive knowledge in all areas of construction, relocation and information technology. They will make sure your punch list gets done, your company gets moved and will run interference with all contractors thus freeing up valuable staff time.”
- Director of Operations and Human Resources

“I would like to thank you and your team who were very helpful in every way from the movement all the madness started until all the dust settled. Moving is always an extreme experience and you made it seem so much easier than it really is. You guys were professional, organized and seemed to be everywhere at once. I felt like I had an advocate on my side that was unbeatable and always looking out for my best interest. You were outstanding; not only by helping to direct all the madness, but also by rolling up your sleeves to ensure that the files were packed and unpacked correctly. It is always a pleasure working with your company.”
- Department of Medical Staff Services

“RMS has been an invaluable resource and partner in working with charter schools to understand and implement critical facilities-related projects. They are easy to work with and clearly outline the process so that clients can plan not only for the project, but ongoing maintenance and management requirements.”
- Director of Real Estate and Facilities

“This is to acknowledge the really wonderful work of Relocation Management Solutions. They were with us 100% of the way. They assisted with all aspects of our move including showing us better ways to pack, unpack, hang pictures, and dispose of trash.  They really went above and beyond. If they did anything that was outside of their “job description”, please compliment their willingness to get the job done and aid a group that was most appreciative of every effort.”
- Department of Special Events

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